Our Strategic Intent is inherent in our company name:  Business Value Assurance, at Pace.

We are a nascent company with a strong leadership that has over a century of cumulative experience in the information technology industry with in-depth understanding of multiple industries. Our vision is to become a change agent that helps companies in their transformational journey specifically in two key areas - Cloud & Artificial Intelligence.

We are professionals with vast experience in delivering AI/ML, Data Science, Cloud & Data transformation solutions.  We accelerate your cloud and digital transformation with our cloud labs that allow a no cost pilot, experienced resources, cost effective model, and proven industry experience.

With our in-depth experience in complex AI/ML and data consulting services to help your organization derive value from vast data.  We build machine learning algorithms engineered on the foundation of your own data.

Our expertise in cloud transformation will help you strategize, plan, and execute a transformation that will be seamless and lasting with minimal disruption to on-going operations.

We work with our clients as trusted advisors in building transformational roadmap, architecture, solution design, and implementation.  Our approach to plan, design, migrate, and optimize your cloud application environment increases the agility and drive efficiency in your organization.

Industries We Serve

Hi-Tech Industry

We have strong expertise in serving the needs of enterprises who are themselves technology product or service providers, technology platform providers, product development companies by augmenting their efforts as a partner and support in.

  • Building new applications
  • Transform legacy applications.
  • Modernize processes with an agile mindset.
  • Cloud Transformation, Data Analytics and AI/ML solutions

Banking & Financial Services (BFSI)

We can partner with you to shape the future of digital commerce as we have deep experience in providing thought leadership in implementing solutions that help in your customer journey.

Banking industries are the first movers and adopters of new technologies, and we can help you with providing the support in developing comparative solutions, proof of concepts and implement them in non-core environments to test them thoroughly before it’s widely implemented across the organization.

Some of the areas of our expertise:

  • Digital Commerce
  • Improving the design and process of your customer journey from the moment they land on your website.
  • Transform from product centric to customer centric customized solutions.


Healthcare industry is dynamic and moves at a fast pace- keep up with those changes to process, customer interactions and implement solutions that improve the over experience.

We can help partnering with you to build solutions that make healthcare affordable, effective, and efficient through new age digital solutions by continuous focus on improving patient and health management process.

Some of the areas that we can showcase our experience:

  • Benefits Administration and Data Management
  • Building intelligence on Medical Databases
  • Process Improvements
  • Developing Custom Solutions on existing architecture

Our Services

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation is playing a significant role in business transformation enabling companies to do innovation. While cloud migrations are top priorities for organizations and CIO’s, it comes with its own complexities. Therefore, it has become necessary for enterprises to engage with the right partners and have a comprehensive cloud strategy.

nuBVA has a leadership team who understand the cloud business and have experienced technical staff to enable enterprises in their cloud journey.

Cloud Advisory - Private, Public or Hybrid with recommendations on which cloud platform suits your organization the best.

Proof of Concepts - nuBVA will execute “no cost” proof of concepts to help you make the right decisions.

Cloud Migrations

Migrating Applications and Data Centre workload to cloud can be very complex and time consuming. Engaging a right partner with necessary technical skills, tools and processes ensures the success of Cloud Migration & Transformation Projects.

nuBVA’s strategy is to assess the customer’s existing environment and provide the right guidance with respect to which cloud platform suits their long-term goals and objectives.

Some of the areas of our expertise:

  • Digital Commerce
  • Improving the design and process of your customer journey from the moment they land on your website.
  • Transform from product centric to customer centric customized solutions.

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (DAAI)

Data is core to every business. It is imperative for every organization to utilize the large data sets that they generate to meaningful outcomes.

Data modernization, Data Analytics, AI are fueling decisions and helping organization remain flexible and agile. Data driven decisions are always much smarter and calculated than non-data driven decision-making.

We can help modernize your data. Some of our DAAI services are - Master Data Management, Data lineage/Metadata, Data Archival, Data Masking, Data quality and Data Security.

Our Data Science and Analytics solutions deliver valuable business insights - From Customer Analytics to Fraud Analytics, from Talent Management to Attrition Analysis, from Credit Risk management to trading cost analysis, we cover them all.

Accelerate your business outcomes leveraging our AI and data Innovations, deep technology expertise, industry domain expertise, certified architects and knowledge harvested from our combined years of experience.

AI & Machine Learning

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Building Data Engines
  • Building Models that predict risks.

Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Customer Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Self Service BI

Data Engineering

  • Data Migration
  • Data Virtualization
  • Cloud Data Management

Data Management

  • Data Governance
  • Data Management
  • Data Security & Privacy


Managing the cloud costs is an important aspect of efficient cloud operations. As described by Finops “It is the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of the cloud, enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.”

nuBVA teams help you design the processes, configure the tools, automate reporting and alters, and train the teams to manage your cloud costs. We ensure that the responsibility matrix in place with right ownership of their cloud usage supported by a central best-practices group.

Our team works with your Finance, Technology, and Business teams to build cross collaboration among the teams using right tools and processes to provide visibility into cloud costs. We ensure the teams are managing the innovation and adoption with agility while keeping the costs in control.

Engagement Models

Being a nascent organization, we are flexible to engage with our clients in any operating model they feel will derive more value for them. Some of the models of engagement and not limited are:

Outcome Based Model

nuBVA is happy to engage in any small projects where the payment is based on “value & time” driven outcomes. It can be either engineering a full application, test business scenarios, migrate a set of applications or deliver a pre-defined process improvement.

Managed Services Model

We can create a team of talented developers/testers and deliver scope of work that is predefined and will completely own the deliverables and payments are made based on mutually agreed milestones.

Fixed Fee Model

We can partner with your organization to deliver projects on a fixed fee model where the payment terms can be predefined and flexible so that payments are made based on the deliverables that are agreed upon.

Staff Augmentation Model

nuBVA have a strong team of technical staff who can work in a time & material engagement where the fees are paid based on the resources actual time spent on the project.

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