We are a group of passionate software professionals with years of experience in health care IT solutions.

We design and deliver mission critical systems so that you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business. We use the design thinking philosophy along with the latest technologies to create innovative solutions to complex issues and increase the business value of your enterprise.

At nuBVA, we provide expertise and deliver excellence across:

  • Software Design, Architecture and Development
  • Data Sciences, Big Data, AI
  • Asset and Wealth management, Investment Banking, Brokerage and Trading Awards
  • Product Customization

We have applied our unique design thinking processes to help businesses

  • Improve their time to market
  • Improve their risk management & data protection
  • Simplify their data governance and regulatory activities
  • Simplify their business intelligence and analytics

We have incorporated design thinking into all the levels of our organization from business engagement to product design, across all functions and functionalities. We used our own digital learning platform to create a design thinking course, that we used to train all our employees to use empathy when dealing with any issue. We use our exceptional creative orientation to ideate, prototype and test tailored solutions to your organization’s complex problems.