Executive Recruiters Upping Their Efforts to Help Organizations Achieve Diversity Goals

Anyone who works in executive search right now has seen, and will continue to see, a push for more lists of diverse candidates for open roles. “We are also seeing organizations start to mandate diversity numbers as a benchmark for DEI success, and seeing an influx of diverse candidates at the executive level as a result,” said Ryna Young, head of the diversity, equity, and inclusion practice at Odgers Berndtson. It’s encouraging that companies are making an effort. “And yet, if you’ve been paying attention over the past couple of years, you know diverse candidates still have a lot stacked against them,” said Ms. Young. “Board representation is still very low when it comes to both gender and equity deserving groups. COVID added extra barriers and stress for women executives, exemplified by the numbers of women dropping out (and staying out) of the workforce. And companies are struggling to retain the diverse talent they are hiring.”

4 Ways a Technology Executive Search Firm Can Help Tech-Oriented Startups

As a tech startup, you’ve got a lot of things on your plate. You’re trying to get your product off the ground, and you have to do it fast. You need someone who knows what they’re doing, but part of that is finding someone who’s experienced enough to guide you through the process while also being flexible enough to adapt when needed.

The difference between passive and reactive executive recruiting

Human capital is the true value of any company. However good the product, without good people behind it to move that product and run that organization, its value can’t be sustained. Given the significant value of human capital, it’s important that companies know how to identify and recruit talent that can grow into leadership roles and help companies take leaps forward, especially in a market that’s competing for talent unlike ever before. “I’ve been a recruiter for 34 years,” says Action Management Services President Dale Chorba. “This is the busiest we’ve ever been. The war for talent is on.”

Top Trends Governing Global Executive Search

Talent management, particularly hiring and retention, is a major concern and priority across industries and organizations. Over the past two years, businesses have faced multiple challenges with their global executive search, be it from COVID restrictions, a hybrid mode of work, or closed borders. As such, it’s crucial to understand the top trends that will govern the market going forward, says The Taplow Group, in a new report. Not only will this knowledge help you attract the best talent but it could also help bolster your resilience to the uncertainties to come.

What is the difference between hunting and executive search?

The IT industry covers quite a lot of interesting, but complex areas, such as web development, blockchain development, and game development. However, all areas have a common problem – a shortage of specialists. In this article, we will consider modern virtual recruiting approaches that modern IT recruitment agencies successfully use to search for talents.

An insider's view on the funny game of recruitment

It’s a funny game recruitment. I often refer to it as a grudge purchase as no one really wants to have to pay for it. I certainly didn’t when I was leading an agency. One year we undertook an audit and realised we had spent an astronomical amount on recruitment fees and decided to employee a full time inhouse recruiter. At the time I think we were one of the first to do it and it worked ‘ok’. For the more junior roles it was kind of successful but as the senior roles came up there was a view to do it ‘properly’.

Spotlight: Presenting a Diverse Slate of Candidates

Blue Rock Search is a 100 percent minority/female-owned executive search firm. As a member of the SRA Network, the firm is also a Hunt Scanlon HR/Diversity Recruiting Power 65 recruiter. After a 25-year career in corporate human resources and HR executive search, Ruben Moreno and his two partners co-founded Blue Rock Search based on a simple but ambitious vision of creating a firm that would “change lives and organizations one relationship at a time.” Mr. Moreno leads the Blue Rock HR executive search practice specializing in the identification, assessment, recruitment, and onboarding of chief HR officers and chief diversity officers and their respective teams — inclusive of leaders in talent acquisition, total rewards, HRBP’s, learning & OD, HR technology, HR operations, and HR analytics. Mr. Moreno has helped place hundreds of HR executives and built deep relationships within the CHRO community across multiple industry verticals. Mr. Moreno recently sat down with Hunt Scanlon Media to discuss how he works with his clients to provide a diverse slate of candidates and why this is so important.

Hiring of top-level professionals slowing down in Indian startups: Report

Startups in India are finding it difficult to hire senior-level professionals amid cost-cutting and layoffs across the sector. According to experts, as reported by Economic Times (ET), the senior professionals have been pulling out during the final stages of hiring saying "it is too risky a time to move".

Correlations Between Executive Search and Sustainability

Sustainability acts as an umbrella term for companies and organizations focused on advancing social and environmental impact initiatives. Organizations are looking to implement transformational change and forward their sustainability/ESG agenda. These changemakers have provided insights on the ever-evolving nature of the sustainability executive search market, and its importance within the U.S. market in a new report from Tempting Talent‘s Lauren Falconer, sustainability practice lead. “A sustainability revolution is sweeping across the business landscape,” the report said. “Companies must evolve to ensure that they are driving purpose-driven, value-based change. Inaction risks reputational damage and the possibility of extinction in the long run. What was once a nice-to-have is now a must have.” There is a burgeoning need for professionals focused on sustainability, according to recruiters. “Companies now recognize the importance of implementing ESG strategies to meet key business challenges,” the Tempting Talent report said. “Purpose is now profitable. Businesses that strive to meet the triple bottom line have seen an increase in external investments and significant improvements in their long-term operational efficiencies. The status quo is no longer acceptable.” Sustainability markets are also surging. Bloomberg Intelligence projects the value of global sustainability assets to be $53 trillion by 2025. This is also equal to more than one-third of the estimated $140.5 trillion in assets under management. Sustainable investments are seeing returns far superior to non-sustainable counterparts. Indeed, BlackRock says that 81 percent of sustainable indices outperformed their peer benchmarks in 2020. Within the U.S., executive orders signed by President Joe Biden have also positioned climate change at the heart of U.S. federal policy. His landmark climate bill is an effective way to boost jobs and secure a prosperous future for the U.S. economy. Business leaders will feel the socio-political butterfly effect of such legislation. Proactive change is essential for the U.S. economy to remain competitive globally, and it falls upon business leaders to navigate the changing tide. “Given this backdrop, there is an unprecedented need for executive teams who can keep up with these changes and smoothly charter a path towards significant and meaningful change,” the Tempting Talent report said. “This is where executive search firms have excelled and flourished. Leadership is key to change, and executive search firms hold the keys to such leadership.”

Finance Chiefs Switch Jobs, Retire as Companies Face Uncertainties

A number of finance chiefs at some of the country’s biggest companies have left their jobs in recent weeks, an exodus that comes amid the pressures that high inflation and the Covid-19 pandemic have had on corporate balance sheets and the economic outlook. Fall is often a period of heightened CFO turnover, because this is when companies tend to launch searches to bring in new finance executives for the early part of the next year, recruiters said. This time around, however, recruiters are seeing more churn than usual among finance executives, which they expect to continue throughout the end of the year.

Recruitment and a doorway to the metaverse

This month’s launch of the 5G services by Prime Minister Narendra Modi opens the doors for more innovations in the field of technology, one of them being the metaverse. India is perfectly primed to create the conditions for firms to succeed in the metaverse, according to a March 2022 article in Quartz India. And, in a PwC report on attitudes to the metaverse, US business leaders expect metaverse plans to be part of their business activities within three years, whilst 66% said their companies were already actively engaged with it. As 5G comes on line, the metaverse will provide a huge opportunity for many segments of business and recruitment is a good example of a sector that’s well placed to take advantage of the metaverse trend. I also believe that it can also play a pivotal role in helping to integrate the metaverse into the world of work. New technologies in recruitment are already driving improvements in terms of speed, accuracy, efficiency, visibility, and accountability across the recruitment life-cycle. These digital building blocks will be foundational in helping to transition recruitment into the metaverse space. As an example, while some traditional executive search firms still grapple with legacy issues rooted in old methodologies, digitally savvy forerunners are already using AI and machine learning technology allied with databases of hundreds of thousands of searches to reduce the time it takes to draw up a candidate long-list from days or weeks to just minutes. Metaverse precursors such as augmented online interviews using tools that provide information onscreen in real time are also making video interviews more effective than in-person interviews. This facilitates more focused, insightful questions and can result in a more objective analysis of a candidate’s qualities and fit.

How Executive Search Boosts Venture Capital Funds

Among 400 active French investment funds, 14 percent are venture capital funds whose role is to finance emerging high-potential start-ups in innovative sectors. The significant increase in unallocated liquidity in recent years means a substantial choice of investors for start-ups looking to raise funds. Thus, VC funds are now focusing on non-financial aspects in order to stand out and attract promising start-ups, and are turning to executive search firms to improve returns throughout the life cycle of an investment. In the field of VC, a candidate’s “soft skills” are not valued in the same way as they are in other investment professions. “Historically, VC funds have focused on personality, empathy, intuition, and entrepreneurship,” says Paris-based Capucine Elkaim, senior consultant for EMA Partners International, in a recent report. “They have also attached significantly more weight to the candidate’s knowledge of the fundraising industry or new technologies, rather than their technical financial skills.” EMA Partners, a global partnership of executive search professionals, however, says that the increased competition within VC markets has resulted in the best recruiters identifying those candidates that have a broader, multidisciplinary skill-set. “Top-performing candidates have an ability to assume multiple roles and can intervene in several areas including strategic marketing, planning, finance, teams, products, growth models, operations, and business development,” said the study. Finding quality candidates with these multiple skills can be challenging, simply because such people are rare. So it is that EMA Partners recommends that an executive search methodology be employed for assignments like this, to ensure all suitable candidates are identified and engaged.


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